Taking a Closer Look at Vivid’s PROMO offering!


As the world evolves, so does the way we connect and engage with our communities, especially within the sacred spaces of our churches. In today’s digital age, it’s essential for churches to adapt and embrace innovative ways to foster meaningful connections with their congregations. This is where we step in, offering an array of promotional products tailored to the unique needs of churches.


Whether you’re planning an event or conference, or just looking to make a stronger first impression, the possibilities are limitless with what we can provide you. Let us be your guide to leveling up your PROMO game! 




Introducing our new PROMO site (link: vividexp.com/promo), where you and your church can find an extensive selection of products designed to enhance your outreach efforts and strengthen the bond you have with your people. From bags to drinkware, fun novelties to health essentials, office supplies to tech gadgets, and everything in between, Vivid has got you covered.


Bags: Carry Your Faith Everywhere


Whether it’s for carrying Bibles, study materials, or personal belongings, bags are indispensable accessories for churchgoers. At Vivid, you’ll find a variety of bags suited for every purpose and style. Choose from tote bags, backpacks, messenger bags, and more, all customizable with your church’s logo or message, serving as a constant reminder of the community’s unity and purpose.


LINK: https://www.promoplace.com/vivid/searchf.htm


Drinkware: Sip in Spirit


From Sunday morning coffee gatherings to mid-week Bible studies, having quality drinkware is essential for any church community. Vivid offers an assortment of mugs, tumblers, and water bottles, perfect for keeping your congregation hydrated and connected. Add a touch of inspiration to your sips with custom designs featuring uplifting messages or scriptures.


LINK: https://www.promoplace.com/vivid/searchf.htm


Fun: Spread Joy and Laughter


Building a strong community isn’t just about serious discussions and solemn moments; it’s also about fostering joy and fellowship. Vivid’s ‘FUN’ section offers a range of novelty items, from stress balls to fidget spinners, perfect for church events, youth groups, and children’s ministries. Spread smiles and laughter as you strengthen the bonds of your congregation.


LINK: https://www.promoplace.com/vivid/searchf.htm


Health: Caring for Body and Soul


In today’s health-conscious world, promoting wellness within your congregation is paramount. Vivid provides health-related promotional items such as hand sanitizers, face masks, and wellness kits, helping to keep your community safe and cared for, both physically and spiritually.


Extend your pastoral care or small group reach by adding some of these items as the perfect way to let your people know that you care! 


LINK: https://www.promoplace.com/vivid/searchf.htm


Office: Organize Your Ministry


Efficient organization is the backbone of any successful ministry. Vivid offers a plethora of office supplies, including badges, lanyards, calendars, and stationery, to help your church stay organized and focused on its mission. Customizable options allow you to add your church’s branding, creating a cohesive and professional image.


If you’re looking for some practical tools that will help make your serve team look sharp and easily recognizable on service days, check out these items! 


LINK: https://www.promoplace.com/vivid/searchf.htm


Tech: Embrace Innovation


Incorporating technology into your church’s outreach efforts can amplify your impact and reach a broader audience. Vivid’s tech products range from power banks to USB drives, providing practical solutions for staying connected and sharing your message in today’s digital world.


Stay savvy with our techy people or add value to your nextgen ministry by providing some tech solutions that keep your ministry top-of-mind! 


LINK: https://www.promoplace.com/vivid/searchf.htm


Writing: Capture Divine Inspiration


The written word has the power to inspire, educate, and transform lives. Equip your congregation with high-quality writing instruments, journals, and notebooks from Vivid’s writing collection. Encourage reflection, creativity, and spiritual growth as members jot down their thoughts, prayers, and insights.


Consider investing in your small groups by offering some notebooks, journals or pens! Also, these items also might be the perfect addition to your welcome pack for newcomers to your church. 


LINK: https://www.promoplace.com/vivid/searchf.htm


And Much More!


At our PROMO site, the options are endless. Whether you’re looking for custom apparel, home accessories, outdoor gear, or event supplies, you’ll find everything you need to move your church’s outreach efforts forward and create a lasting impression on your community.


In summary, our new PROMO site helps you to find a wealth of options to enhance your outreach and engagement with your congregation. From practical essentials to inspirational keepsakes, there’s something for every church and every occasion. So why wait? Explore our PROMO site today and take your church’s ministry to new heights! 


Let us help you make your vision VIVID!

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